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FAQ - Frequently answered questions


Have any questions?
Get answers here with this list of frequently answered questions!

If you are not satisfied with the proposed answers, feel free to contact us.


Because the quality of a manufactured house or chalet is simply better and is easier to control, which guarantees you the best product possible. You should also opt for it because of the speed of building, mounting and delivery.

Undoubtedly, what distinguishes BATITECH from competition is its efficiency and the quality of its products, without compromise.

Generally, after signing the purchase agreement, the installation work will start on site between six (6) to eight (8) weeks during the season. Afterwards, all is accelerating if the foundations are ready to receive the structure of your manufactured home; we will erect the floors, walls and roof of it within 24 hours and that, in the vast majority of cases. When it is our responsibility, the external and internal finishes are completed within a period of a few hours or days.

At BATITECH, we can realize any prefabricated structure according to your tastes. In short, we can build your custom home! We have models to suggest to you, but you are free to choose an existing model you like in a magazine, a photo or an overall plan. Our technical team (with electronic plans) will be happy to turn your dream into reality!

When you sign the quote that is brought to your new home project, you are guaranteed of a fair price, as discussed with your counselor, without surprises!

BATITECH does not sell land. However, our consultants can advise you, guide you and lead you on the purchase of a plot of your choice in order to help you realize your dream of building a house or cottage, while respecting your budget.

Of course! Our advisors will be happy and proud to show you BATITECH's factory in Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac, Cabano. They will answer your questions and, provided that the visit is planned a few days in advance.

With our buying options, you choose the work you want to carry yourself, and the part you want to leave to Batitech. As self-builder, Batitech deliver you external insulated walls with windows, interior walls, floors, roof trusses and all other materials chosen with your advisor. You can install your project yourself or have it installed by our team, as desired.

Obviously, Batitech will always be there to support you throughout your project. The person who is on your site will have the function to explain the order of assembly of your walls and floors, the good techniques to optimize the seal of your house and answer your questions. The latter will not take part in the work, so there is no additional cost for you.

Whatever you choose from the buying options, the various components of your home are delivered when you are ready to take the next step of your project, thus avoiding exposing the materials to bad weather conditions. It will also prevent your site to be overwhelmed with materials you are not ready to install.


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